Mission: Providing Culturally Attuned EMDR Therapy

Levis Therapy, A Marriage & Family Therapy Corporation was founded to honor the importance of cultural attunement and cultural intuition in EMDR Therapy.

As an immigrant and a Woman of Color, the founder, Rajani Venkatraman Levis, wanted to create a therapeutic environment predicated on the possibilities of culturally congruent healing through EMDR therapy. Through her writing and her professional interests, Rajani began to explore the deeper possibilities for powerful healing within EMDR therapy. She wanted to shine a light on the cultural intuition that both therapist and client bring into the room, and how this knowledge allows an honoring of the client’s culture and its own healing traditions. By acknowledging (the sometimes forgotten and) invisible sources of wisdom and healing, especially for those who do not come from the majority culture, Rajani wanted to reinforce internal and community based resources embedded in the cultural wealth of native traditions. This allows psychotherapy to deepen into a witnessing of culturally based trauma and the pain of being different or “othered” during these troubled times. This aspect of bearing witness to culturally based trauma and culturally based healing is what makes culturally attuned EMDR therapy unique and highly individualized.

Being culturally attuned is not a one-way street or a one-size-fits-all type of therapy. This is a new realm of therapy where the mutuality of the therapeutic relationship is acknowledged and the healing spreads out into the world in ever-widening circles. Your pain and your healing are rendered meaningful in the healing of our community.

Thank You for joining us on this journey to healing together and moving forward as a community.

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