How Many Birds Can you Kill with this Stone?

Do you dream of being your own boss and setting your own hours?

Or perhaps you’re just curious about what it takes to be a successful therapist in private practice.

Do you want some practical tips and tools to prepare you for a thriving private practice long before you even graduate?

YOU are in the RIGHT Place!

birds on wire

While in the thick of graduate schools, or the 3000 hours of supervised internships, it can be hard to to think beyond the immediate challenges. However, these 3000 hours do not have to be your boulder to roll uphill, day after day.

What if it was a rounded river rock in your hands, and not a giant boulder to roll uphill? What if you could learn how to make the most of the 3000 prelicensee hours, instead of dreading them?

Using the acronym CAN DO IT, we will map out a path to get you there, while accomplishing some important tasks that will prepare you for a thriving business. Yes, Psychotherapy is an art and a science, but creating a successful practice involves learning the Business of Psychotherapy as well. We will focus on a variety of networking strategies so you can build a vibrant referral network, and a supportive community around you. In addition, we will focus on preventing burnout, resentment, panic and nonstop overwhelm.

If you’re ready to let go of the millstone around your neck, and get ready for a successful career, let’s help you kill many birds with one stone. Of course, no actual birds will be hurt in the launching of your successful private practice.

Please contact me at 415.683.1008 to inquire about a workshop for your school or team, or for private consultation in building your practice.

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