Business Consultation

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If you’re interested in Business Consultation, please visit our sister website Talking About Therapy and sign up on our mailing list for free resources on building a successful private practice through community not competition.

A brief note from Rajani Levis: “Many of my therapist colleagues wonder how my practice is so full. I am often asked how my clients find me, how I get full fee clients, what kind of marketing I do, and how I have become successful in such a short time. So I created this brief document to outline my vision, as well as the ways in which I help my colleagues to create successful practices. It is my hope that this document will be of value to you, and please feel free to share it in its entirety with others who may benefit from it.

I offer business consultation to help you think through the marketing and financial aspects of your practice. From getting your business license to creating a web-presence, marketing a group to networking, I am available to offer short-term constructive support to help you create the practice of your dreams!”

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