EMDR Consultation

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Rajani Levis offers individual and group consultation for clinicians who have completed the basic two-part EMDR Training, as well as those in the basic training process. If you are interested in a free monthly EMDR Study group, please click here.

In her Words: “In our work together, I have a compassionate and positive presence, rajani_officereinforcing your strengths and encouraging you onward. I am respectful of your uniqueness and your abilities as a clinician and a colleague. Consultation is a time to celebrate your successes first so that you feel rejuvenated and excited to continue this journey. Consultation is also a safe space to talk about fears, concerns, disappointments and doubts about the EMDR therapy process.

My goal is to help you to create your own unique style and approach, while staying true to the model. We will work on creating a strong case conceptualization that will help you to better help your clients. I like to share my enthusiasm for the collaborative and creative endeavor of creating trauma maps with our clients. We will also address your questions and doubts that may be unique to the case or about the therapeutic model.

Consultees find it helpful to receive positive feedback on their progress and to address areas of growth. And just like you, I will also stay open to feedback, so that we can make this time abundantly useful to you and the clients whom you serve. As a clinician, a colleague and an educator, I am excited to work with you in consultation and look forward to hearing from you.

Note: It is essential to clearly acknowledge that consultation is not supervision or therapy, and I encourage my consultees to seek out supervision and/or therapy as appropriate.”