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Encountering Fear & Loathing in the Therapist’s Psyche
Published May 30, 2017 on the Simple Practice Blog
It is 7pm on a Friday night. Thousands of people are unwinding over cocktails in crowded bars and restaurants all over San Francisco, but I’m in my bathtub, chin on my knees, tears streaming down my face.
In my mind’s eye, I open my calendar and categorize my schedule for the week by themes; it offers some perspective on my current emotional landscape.  READ MORE…

EMDR Therapy and the Hero’s Journey
A three part series co-authored with Dr. Jamie Marich for Psyched in San Francisco.
Heroes are not born under perfect circumstances. In fact, like in our stories, it is the very stuff of life, messy, complicated, painful, distressing and even traumatic, that allows us to undertake the hero’s journey and find new gifts to share with the world. For us (Jamie & Rajani), EMDR therapy is the magic wand, the sacred chalice, the ruby slippers & the technicolor dreamcoat, that allows us to contribute to the healing of others. READ MORE…

EMDR Therapy: Is it Really All That?
A 3 part series intended to introduce EMDR therapy and its use as an adjunctive treatment to fellow therapists. This series was co-authored with Veronika Gold, MFT and published in the SFCAMFT newsletter. Click to download.
Part 1: Why Choose EMDR Therapy
Published in the 2015 November/December Issue of the SFCAMFT Newsletter.

Chapter in Books

  • Levis, R.V. (2013) Dancing Naked on the Bridge. In Maller, D., Langsam, K., & Jerbian Fritchle, M.(Eds.), Praeger Handbook of Community Mental Health Practice. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

Dancing Naked on the Bridge is a case study in first person, that acknowledges the intersection of vicarious trauma and culture shock. Published in Praeger’s Handbook of Community Mental Health, this essay talks about Rajani’s experience returning to India, as a Western trained mental health professional, helping to set up a community mental health program.

Popular Articles
Five Journeys, One Destination
is a three part series written for the Therapist magazine’s prelicensee corner. Rajani invited four of her colleagues to join her in sharing their perspectives on the long road to MFT licensure.

To view the three part series in the Therapist Magazine online, click the links below:

California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) 101 was written as an informational document for local therapists and was originally published in the newsletter for SFCAMFT.