Yahooo! Boo-hoo! Toot-a-Loo!

I am delighted to share an effective and easy-to-use template that will enhance your own brain’s capacity to feel good. In addition, you can use this with your clients to help enhance neuroplasticity, optimize the brain’s capacity for feeling good, and to overcome the brain’s negativity bias.

Jane Massengill is a Master Coach whom I met at a holiday party exactly a year ago. During that year-end gathering, Jane gave each of us a blank template of this sheet and asked us to fill it in. As we shared our answers in small groups, we generated many positive feelings and I left there feeling optimistic and excited about 2015. Jane has generously agreed to let me share this template with you.


Yes, its a simple list in three columns, so why does it matter? I’d like to share a little bit about my experience in using it with clients.

YAHOOO! In using this tool in session with clients, this column acted as a way to highlight some of their gains through therapy and how it translates into other areas of their life. This is clearly a major emphasis of the Yahooo! section. By focusing on the accomplishments and celebrating them, we begin to install some positive resources in session.

BOO-HOO!: This tool also allowed us to note areas for further exploration while increasing the capacity for positive self-talk, even with incomplete tasks. Framing the losses and challenging experiences as an area of further growth gave us a chance to examine the tendency for self-flagellation, replacing it with compassion and motivation to learn to do it differently.

TOOT-A-LOO! Kids really love this name, but so do adults 🙂 Many therapeutic modalities deal with helping to free a client from the clutches of their past. This section allows us to acknowledge the freedom we gain in letting go of that which no longer serves us. Especially with the current popularity of Marie Kondo’s book on tidying up, many clients reported the freedom and relief of cleaning out their closet. Other statements included “I am no longer a victim” or “I am ready to let go of my past and step into my future.”

Overall, I found that the template acted as an “Area of Refuge.” Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project recommends an area of refuge or a place that you can focus on when negative thoughts become very overwhelming. Without becoming too Polyanna-ish, this template celebrates and reinforces the gains, while providing inspiration and encouragement towards the next steps, which are also highlighted within the Boo-Hoo and Toot-A-Loo columns.

Want to see what it might look like filled out? Yahoo-boohoo-client-example









And now, you can download the YAHOOO Boohoo-template to use it for yourself and for your clients. I trust that you will honor Jane’s generosity and the copyright on this template!